Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Large Public Sector Organisation

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The Challenge – Senior Management and Coaching Skills: Equipping Operational Managers with the skills needed to develop, motivate and manage behavioural-based objectives for a dynamic new Staff Appraisal and Development Scheme

The Programme

  • Coaching support delivered on an individual 1-2-1 basis.
  • Four highly experienced consultants worked with the Council’s senior managers over five weeks, providing individual training and coaching that:¨delivered an enhanced awareness of the new system and its key objectives¨, explored in detail performance management¨created a powerful understanding of staff development assessment¨gave each of the managers the key skills they needed to deliver the organisation’s expectations
  • More than 70% of the 140 managers entitled to this coaching exercise took advantage of the opportunity, enabling them to actively support the organisation’s efforts to bring about cultural change
  • As part of the training package, cherryblue also delivered a Coaching Development Programme for 20 of the Council’s team, within a variety of service areas, to help them develop their individual coaching skills, providing a vanguard for centres of competence coaching within the organisation.
Case Study 2 – Software Development Company

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The Challenge – Organisational and Leadership Development: Senior Management Development Programme to enhance senior management team performance and develop key individuals for this high profile provider of broker software support to the UK Financial Services Industry

The Programme

  • A six-month programme of workshops and 1-2-1 coaching sessions that brought about:¨an enhanced trust and openness within the management team¨more effective collaboration, cooperation and collective responsibility, breaking through barriers and improving communication¨enhanced leadership skills including self-awareness of behavioural and influencing styles¨a commitment to team-building and more effective team working ¨improved planning¨ enhanced awareness and understanding of individual issues and development needs
  • The results of the programme supported dynamic organisational change within the company, with each member of the team developing the skills and confidence to take on different and increased responsibilities in new roles. At least one member of the team has since been nominated for a directorship within the company
  • The organisational sponsor was kept updated with developments through regular programme briefings, with a final report submitted at the conclusion of the exercise

“We chose Cherryblue because the company’s values and enthos for developing people reflected our own commitment to investing in our people. The company was genuinely interested in understanding exactly what we needed and delivering on their promises. The approach and delivery of service from Cherryblue was marked by total professionalism and reliability at all times”

Manager Director

Case Study 3 – Large Private Company

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The Challenge – Business Planning Support:¨The MD required a changed approach to the way in which business plans are transformed into departmental goals and objectives. The programme therefore was to provide support to the Senior Management in producing their departmental plans and encourage a greater level of ownership and commitment to those plans.

The Programme

  • Following a meeting with the MD to discuss and produce an outline set of company targets and goals, the Cherryblue consultant provided a programme of workshops and 1-2-1 coaching and feedback :¨Formulated an approach to developing departmental plans to support the given targets¨Provided new insights into planning and objective setting¨Helped managers to identify required actions to be taken in order to build their plans¨Highlighted the potential for improvements in interaction required within departments¨Engendered an increase in teamwork and interaction that has subsequently been maintained¨Supported the creation of individual action plans¨Improved the level of managers’ confidence in their plans
  • The final plans were presented to the MD and were then consolidated into the new business plan for the forthcoming year. The output from this process was plans that were better constructed, thorough, realistic and interlocked far better across the organisation. Most importantly, because the plans and objectives had been developed within each department there was a far greater sense of ownership and commitment to the objectives contained within them.
  • A review of the project was completed with the MD at a final review meeting along with the presentation of a final project report.
Case Study 4 – Improved Organisational Development

The Challenge:

One of our main clients required us to be involved in a major ICT rollout involving the upgrade of existing IT equipment and software for 7000 users. We provided a Project leader to be part of the main rollout project team to manage the training issues and programme.
The project team discussed and devised a training programme aimed at providing not only desktop training but ensuring that all users were well informed throughout the entire process about any aspect of the upgrade likely to impact on their work.

The Programme:

The rollout was to be done department by department within the organisation and the training programme included the following features:
Pre-installation seminars

These seminars essentially had a three-fold purpose:
(i) To inform users of the process involved in the upgrade programme
(ii) To impress upon users that there were certain tasks to be undertaken by themselves before their equipment was replaced, such as moving files from their hard disk drives to network storage locations
(iii) To demonstrate some of the new software applications they would receive with their upgraded equipment

Floorwalking Trainers
A trainer was available to users within the first 2 days after their new equipment was installed. The idea of this was to ensure that users were given immediate assistance with any problems immediately encountered with the equipment and deal with any immediate training needs.

Intranet help pages
A local intranet site dedicated to providing on-going information and guidance was designed and made available to all users. The site provided:
Useful pre-rollout guidance for all users
Essential information for project liaison staff
Key training and guidance documents
FAQs covering all aspects related to the hardware and software

The programme devised by the project team proved very successful and the feedback received throughout very positive.

Case Study – Medium Public Sector Organisation

The Challenge:

We were approached by the organisation to assist them with their rollout of approximately 250 staff to Windows Vista and MS Office 2007. Staff were located mainly at the main office in Cardiff with regional offices in Swansea and Ewloe in north Wales.

Microsoft made significant changes to the way in which facilities are accessed within the Office 2007 suite and the challenge was to help people make a smooth transition from the existing suite to the new suite.

The Programme:

The main training events took the form of 2 x 2.5 hour sessions per day (up to 8 persons per session) covering key new features in Vista, Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

A concise hand-out was provided which included a quick guide to those key features.

The sessions were carried out as mainly a “show and tell” presentation using projection equipment. Users could use training PCs to log on and follow the presentation.

They were then also invited to “try out” some of the new features.

Some users were already fairly familiar with Office 2007 having taken advantage of a scheme for purchasing the product through the organisation for home use. However, a significant percentage of the workforce did attend and benefitted from the training sessions.

In addition, some users were provided with additional training carried out in two separate workshops:

Creation of and use of Word and PowerPoint templates

Word useful features – document layout, document review

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