Executive, Business and Management Coaching in Wales


I am currently receiving coaching sessions with Linda to help me in my new role as Operations Manager. I can honestly say the sessions are excellent, Linda’s expertise in this field is phenomenal, she tailors each session to suit me and whatever areas I need support with. Linda is professional, efficient and friendly, she is never condescending or patronising and I know if I need any extra assistance she’s at the end of the phone.

If anyone were to ask me to recommend a training company I wouldn’t have to think twice, Cherryblue’s number is in my phone book and on my mobile and they would be the first I’d recommend, they are superb!!!

Sian Jones

Operations Manager, 7Side Ltd

The top of the organisation can be a lonely place. Who can you discuss future strategic options with? Who can you talk to about your own development or issues? How can you provide other executives in your organisation with targeted, time effective development when they need it.

We at Cherryblue can help you overcome barriers to potential success, set targets and goals and then achieve success with confidence, focus, passion and drive by:

  • Helping you to gain a clear understanding on what you need to do to drive your business forward
  • Helping you to learn how to effectively use your time, energy and money to gain success
  • Providing a sounding board that helps you through any ideas, worries or issues
  • Helping you to stay motivated, energised, passionate and focused on the future success of you and your business
  • Helping you to gain insight into who your ideal customers can be and create a more effective marketing approach.

Executive coaching can help these scenarios. Cherryblue’s executive coaches are extremely experienced at working with leaders, understanding the issues they face and having a good grounding in organisational, strategic and leadership development.

A wide range of development areas can be addressed through Executive Coaching such as:

•  visionary leadership and organisational skills

•  analytical, innovative and strategic thinking

•  communication and interpersonal skills

•  developing personal “presence”

•  financial management and business acumen

•  building trust and commitment

•  rewards and recognition

If you already have a defined need or you would just like to find out more, please contact us.

Management Development

Do you have managers that are performing well but you know they could perform even better? Maybe you have identified a manager who you believe could operate at a more senior level but needs some help to get there. You may have managers with gaps in their skills or are new to the role.

In essence you have individuals with specific needs that generic courses or standard interventions will fail to deliver the necessary outcomes for them or the organisation. Management Coaching is the solution that will most likely work in this situation.

Cherryblue management coaches will work with the sponsor and the potential coachee to clearly define the areas for development and the desired outcomes. Once the objectives have been defined the coaching starts. Typically this will be monthly, face-to-face with the coachee, for between four to six months. This is flexible and is based upon the readiness of the coachee, the desired outcomes and the demands of the business. Where appropriate telephone and email support can be built into the programme. Toward the end of the engagement we will report on the progress of the coachee against the desired outcomes, evaluate the engagement and provide recommendations regarding ongoing support for the coachee both internally and/or externally.

If you believe you have managers who might benefit from this approach or you would just like to find out more, please contact us.

Group Coaching

If you want to raise the performance of an existing team or give a new team a head start then using a group coaching approach can have significant results. For existing teams, group coaching can refocus the team on its objectives and outcomes. It can help it examine the issues that are inhibiting the team’s performance and find ways to resolve them and get back on track.
Group coaching can help a team through the Storming phase, minimise the Norming and accelerate movement into the Performing phase. For newly formed teams, group coaching can help the members establish clear roles and develop the focus on the objectives that the team will need to succeed.

It can help the team rapidly explore the options available to them to achieve their objectives and formulate their plans to achieve them. When group coaching is combined with individual coaching for the team members it creates a highly effective development environment. If you would like to raise the performance of any of your operational or project teams please contact us.

Your people are your most important asset – value and inspire them by developing their full potential, and the quality of service you aspire to provide to your customers all day, every day will readily follow.