Are you giving back?

Giving Back

As someone who was helped by the fantastic support given by local charities over the years with my severely disabled daughter, I have a real understanding of the hard work of theses amazing people. Their work with individuals who face difficult circumstances and communities that need a helping hand is selfless and in many circumstances miraculous. No matter what your financial situation is, it is always so important to Give Back!

During my many years in business no matter what the bottom line I have always worked with, supported and donated to local charities. The work carried out and the impact these many small charities make in peoples’ lives is completely inspiring! The support given to families and communities is comforting, motivating and vital. Sadly though many of these charities continue to struggle for donations and support because we are all too busy to help or have forgotten in this fast ambitious world just how much they need our help. We also are aware that business has suffered greatly during the recent recession and this means charities and the people they support have found donations have dropped (ONS published figures at the end of 2012 to suggest that charitable donations in the UK had dropped by 11% on the previous year).

We know that people still have a heart to support a good and meaningful cause and of course the internet and social media has made it a little easier these days to help raise awareness of the help needed. The recent ALS ice bucket challenge captured peoples’ imagination and donations during one month (July-Aug 2014) reached a staggering $98m! 2.4 million people posted their videos online causing a ripple affect globally. We probably all know someone who’s been affected by circumstances not of their own making and yes, someone working in our own business could well be a beneficiary of charitable support in some way.

I have benefitted myself from the support of charities and the people who work within them. I have also witnessed in the lives of children, families and communities the visible results that organisations and volunteers bring about. Playing a small part by donating is rewarding in itself and there is something tangible that really touches the heart of you and your team when you get involved whether that be in the form of donating, fund-raising or volunteering.

By adopting a local charity, you are not only providing the obvious financial and support but your business can benefit in so many ways. This can also be a strong morale booster to employees when they can see that their work is directly contributing to improving their local area or helping a special child or family. It can help motivate your team members and build on a good team ethic or indeed create a team ethic. It can be a marketing tool and improve your standing in the local community. Once a charity has been chosen even giving just a little could make a big impact on the charity or your community. Seeing the tangible benefits a business is making in the community can also stimulate loyalty from your customer base.

Whether you choose to make a regular donation, fundraise or volunteer, your support could makes all the difference to special children, families and people who really need your help. There are so many ways that businesses can get involved, these charities are always so grateful for even the smallest of donation or support.

If your business hasn’t yet made links and commitment with a local charitable organisation or community group then the only question worth asking is – why?

If this blog helps to remind anyone about the importance of helping others and supporting local charities I will be very grateful. There are so many local charities that really need your help. Follow Your Dreams, Y Bont Bridgend, Ty Hafon, Christian Lewis Trust, Yellow and KPC Pyle to name just a few in South Wales, your donations and help could make all the difference to a child or person that really needs your help to improve their lives.

If you are interested in finding out more about these charities then just give them a call.