Linda NarbethLinda Narbeth – Managing Director

South Wales Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

Executive/ Business and Start-up Coaching & Mentoring – Wales

We at Cherryblue can help you overcome barriers to potential success, set targets and goals and then achieve success with confidence, focus, passion and drive.

Linda and her associates have been coaching and mentoring within the business arena for many years. With the experience of owning their own businesses all our coaches can provide the following:

  • Help you to gain a clear understanding on what you need to do to drive your business forward
  • Learn how to effectively use your time, energy and money to gain success
  • Have a sounding board that helps you through any ideas, worries or issues
  • Helps you to stay motivated, energised, passionate and focused on the future success of you and your business
  • Helps you to gain insight into who your ideal customers can be and create a more effective marketing approach.


Our Approach: 

Working with Linda or one of our other coaches/mentors you will create a compelling vision for your business; turn that into focused goals and work together to achieve yours and your business full potential. We have all heard how it can be lonely at the top, our coaches work with you to help you to be working smarter not harder.

If you spend too much time working IN the operations of your business, you will not be spending enough time working ON the business to give yourself or the business the time it needs to develop and grow. By taking time out to think clearly about your business and what you need to prioritise will allow you to achieve the best results.

Exploring where you are and where you would like to be we will discover your strengths and challenges, what’s happening in the workplace and externally in the marketplace and then help you to establish the right goals and help you to stay focused to achieve them.

With absolute confidentiality and an understanding that each and every business and person is unique we first get to know you as a person and then move on to establish a coaching approach that will be flexible and bespoke to meet your needs.


Executive Coaching 

Great leaders move us. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us! Daniel Goleman 

The skills required of executives including motivating individuals, evaluating performance, having difficult conversations and dealing with conflict aren’t necessarily skills that come naturally. Working with a coach or mentor at this level helps you to develop your ability to manage these challenges and deliver better business results through improved leadership.


Business Coaching or Mentoring 

“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.” Bob Nelson

Business coaching or mentoring is about creating a set of tools and objectives to help grow a business or to improve underperformance so that you and your business perform at a much higher level.  Improvements occur both on an individual and business level ultimately affecting personal performance and bottom line profits.

Coaching or mentoring can help you to get the most out of your time and resources invested in your company.


Business Start-up Coaching or Mentoring 

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart. – Thomas Watson, Sr.

Business coaching or mentoring can move your idea or new business onwards and upwards and accelerate your results and give you the opportunity to do what you love!

If you are a ‘Start-up’ or an existing Business that would like to grow – then coaching or mentoring can help. We can help to transform your ideas into a profitable business, build your brand and through our own business experiences help you to avoid potential mistake, find opportunities to grow and develop and consequently become successful.


Group Coaching in Wales

“Your people are your most important asset – value and inspire them by developing their full potential, and the quality of service you aspire to provide to your customers all day, every day will readily follow.”

If you want to raise the performance of an existing team or give a new team a head start then using a group coaching approach can have significant results. For existing teams, group coaching can refocus the team on its objectives and outcomes. It can help it examine the issues that are inhibiting the team’s performance and find ways to resolve them and get back on track.

Group coaching can help a team through the Storming phase, minimize the Norming and accelerate movement into the Performing phase. For newly formed teams, group coaching can help the members establish clear roles and develop the focus on the objectives that the team will need to succeed.

It can help the team rapidly explore the options available to them to achieve their objectives and formulate their plans to achieve them.  When group coaching is combined with individual coaching for the team members it creates a highly effective development environment.


Linda Profile:

Linda established her company in 1994 having spent 20 years gaining experience in the private sector, which enabled her to become a leading business & personal development trainer and manager. Over the last decade Linda has developed the company, which has grown to become a major player within the training and personal development arena in Wales. Linda has a tremendous ability to instinctively recognize potential within people. The development of that potential is key to her success and the foundation on which her reputation is built. Her approach to business is inspirational, she encourages her team to use all of their skills with confidence and subsequently this attitude is naturally reflected in the company’s approach to its customers.

As well as being Managing Director of Cherryblue, Linda is also a talented and sought after business coach and mentor.

Linda says: “I became a coach/mentor to help people develop their passion and confidence that will allow them to reach their true potential in life. I have the ability to guide people to understand what motivates them, what they really want to achieve and how to overcome barriers, as well as bring passion and enthusiasm to everyday situations!

“I offer one-to-one coaching/mentoring for people who feel they need help in achieving their goals and dreams. Working together we will overcome the barriers and get to where they really want to be.”

“As your coach/mentor, I will help you to create a clear vision for your future – empower and motivate you to achieve your goals, focus on what is really important, get you to think more positively and learn how to control your bad habits. I will also work with you to become a better leader, enhance your people skills and advance your career.”

“As your coach/mentor I will support, inspire and push you to be the best you can be. I will work with you to ensure you are focussed on your vision, goals and success, encouraging you to fulfil your true potential and understand yourself better.”

During her career, Linda has received the following Awards:

  • South Wales Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2012
  • In 2012 Linda achieved the ILM Level 7 award in Executive Management and Strategic Leadership – a qualification that promotes effective decision making, change management and quality assurance within the business.
  • Leading Wales Awards – Learning Leader 2007
  • 2004 proudly achieved the ‘Investors In People’ Award.
  • In 2003 Linda’s company,  won an award as one of the ‘Top Ten Best Managed Workplaces in Wales’
  • A finalist in the 1995 ‘Welsh Woman of the Year Awards’ and in 1996 won the ‘Effective Returner’ category at the Awards.