Networking In South Wales


Looking for feedback from businesses in South Wales!


How Much Does Networking Work for you and your Business?

Do you believe the following statements to be true for your business?

And what are the barriers to attending more networking events?

Networking for business is seen as the most positive method of marketing your business on a face-to-face basis.  Doing so allows you to gain business from referral as well as building a network of contacts who can assist you in potential growth for your business and help to increase your profile and brand.

It is an opportunity to share experiences with others in the business world, whether that is as an entrepreneur or as an employee, and learn from them as well as sharing your own knowledge and expertise.

As someone who has been a member of many networking groups in South Wales I will be really interested to receive people’s comments based on the following questions:

What has it achieved for your business?

Can you justify the investment of time and money?

Can you verify a level of profit gained from networking as a stand alone?

Is this the best way to form long term business relationships?

What would you do to change the way networking in South Wales is run?

Do you think having speakers at networking events is worthwhile?

What do you believe is the best time of day for a networking event?

How long should a networking event last?

Have you been to any networking events outside of South Wales that have worked for you?


Looking forward to hearing from you,