In search of Good Leadership

In search of Good Leadership


 Guiding the Way

Leadership is not about being the first, the most important or even the most highly paid person in an organisation. But, to achieve real success, it is vital that the people driving your business, at all levels, are just that – great, inspirational leaders. The good news is, that effective leadership skills can be acquired by almost anyone, and so too the success that inevitability follows.

 So, what is a great leader?

Leadership is often associated with powerful figures, and there are many heroic leaders from Winston Churchill to George Washington who proudly hold pride of place in our history as inspirational people.

But leadership is not about heroics or fame. True leadership is about vision and benefits, about values and standards, inspiring and developing people and breaking through the obstacles that create roadblocks to achieving success.

It requires self-awareness, optimism and visionary ideas. It demands effective communication skills, decision-making, the ability to connect with others and to take responsibility for your actions. It calls for enthusiasm and clarity of direction, and it insists on a flair for building trust and confidence. It is about being someone that others will want to follow.

Okay, so no-one said leadership was easy. But it is simple, and almost anyone is capable of becoming an effective leader. It won’t happen overnight, and it takes drive, commitment and an investment in learning and development if the true potential for leadership is to be realised. But it is an investment that will pay genuine dividend, over and over again.

Of course not all leaders are the same. Styles of leadership are as different as any other behavioural skill, and different styles of leadership suit different organisational cultures. What remains true about leadership is its focus on building and sustaining motivated, effective teams, on developing individuals to achieve their full potential, and, ultimately on achieving organisational goals.

The question is, how effectively are you fulfilling that role, and how much more success could you achieve if leadership skills within your business were as cutting edge as your products or services?